I switched to just HDMI and same thing. I had to download the Nvidia hd audio fix, and it’s been problem free ever since running anything from stereo PCM to 7. Hi same problem here. Nov 6, I’m a bit worried they won’t exchange as it might not technically be faulty.

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I believe this is what determines whether you see a Digital card through “aplay -l” otherwise you just see analog and hdmi. But it is only the asus m3n78-vm audio ones.

I only get Analog. I am out of ideas without getting into forcing plugs and stuff with asound and asoundrc files.

Issues with digital sound from my Asus M3N78-VM

Also try taking the 6stack-dig line OUT of your modprobe. Asus m3n78-vm audio if you can run him down if he doesn’t post here. I’ve observed that if speaker-test doesn’t asus m3n78-vm audio, often aplay will work and then from then on sound works fine everywhere. I don’t have any HDMI capable hardware, so I asus m3n78-vm audio test whether audio over hdmi works and for audoo, I don’t need it so don’t care – just need spdif!

I am not sure why it is not working for you, do you have an optical output device you can plug into asua on-board header to try. If I don’t get it working I think I’m going to have to return and exchange it pretty soon.


M3NVM Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS Global

I have a receiver that only has pass through video. So now when I turn on the computer it will sometimes have sound and sometimes not.

It will not pass through the sound. I’m asus m3n78-vm audio glad I now know that it is possible! I am just using analog out for the moment until this can be asus m3n78-vm audio. JoshMcMadMacOct 30, Reset the default card using asoundconf. What is your gfx card, they can have audio too? Criccio is right, with a stereo source with no surround cues, you will only get stereo. Jul 25, 3.

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By chance do you have a asus m3n78-vm audio channel in m3n78-bm capture page in alsamixer. Can’t get the optical spdif working. I could borrow an oscilliscope but that seems like overkill for now. The header I probed the spdif header with a multimeter, and there doesn’t seem to be anything live on asus m3n78-vm audio during playback, but my test gear isn’t too good. Cookies and analytics help us improve Kodi.

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It makes no sense because nothing is changing. I don’t really understand what is happening here, or why it works.

The M3NVM is it;s asus m3n78-vm audio animal for some reason. This is what my alsamixer looks like, http: View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. I have the same board, and the VIA drivers from Asus didn’t help any. I know that some people do see the VTB digital device BUT that is coded wrong anyhow, on this board that is seen as a digital input for some reason, that is what the pin is defined in code.

If I play a dolby digital, I just get noise which I guess is undecoded or something. No, create an account now. Speaker test Doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I can only get asus m3n78-vm audio to output front right and front left, no matter what I specify for asus m3n78-vm audio, which is weird.

The things which are bugging me particularly are, – It feels like “aplay -L” should list iec